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Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey appear in ‘The Last of Us’

Sony Entertainment and HBO Max have teamed up to bring the heartbreaking and brutal story of Naughty Dog is The Last of Us. The two incredible games in the franchise are beyond belief and are already very cinematic experiences as they are. However, HBO is now preparing them for new fans to seek out along with hardcore fans alike. I’m sure like all other adaptations this will take liberties from the games story. At least enough to give players something new in the world.

Last night, HBO’s teaser trailer for upcoming movies and series shed light on a lot of things coming to HBO in the next year and into 2023. I was already excited to see Barry and Tokyo Vice returning to the platform. They also revealed a sneak peek at The last of us.

The last of us the teaser is a quick one, but it reveals Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and the huge desolate landscape we’re used to seeing in the games. We quickly get a shot of Joel running with a young girl in his arms. We are deathly afraid that the prologue is the same prologue from the game. It seems like a similar situation. If it is, I hope they shot it near Austin, TX near the location of the game’s intro and I don’t have to cry like a baby again. But if they keep that prologue in place, I hope they don’t back down on the brutality.

One of the coolest parts of the casting is that both of the voice actors in the game have roles in the series as well. This is both Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson. It will be interesting to see what roles he plays!

I love that we can talk about all of this without even mentioning the clicks (aka evil zombies based on fungal parasites), the drama in games has always been so good. Even without the apocalypse surrounding them, the humanity of the story keeps you from looking away.

The last of us Starring: Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Gabriel Luna, Storm Reid, Anna Torv, Jeffrey Pierce, Nick Offerman, Merle Dandridge, Nico Parker, Murray Bartlett and Con O’Neil!

You are excited about The last of us on HBO Max? What’s your favorite part of the sneak peek?

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