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“Pinocchio” has been copyrighted and yes, it’s becoming a horror movie

French horror films are not known for subtlety or implied horror. They are completely extreme and this trailer for infestnee parasitic, is no exception. Using real spiders, this eight-legged creature feature is not for arachnophobes unless desensitization therapy has been prescribed by a therapist.

Trace Thurman at Bloody disgusting I called “the best ‘when the spiders attack’ movie in the last 30 years” when i saw it at Fantastic festival last September. Rafael Motamayor de Slash film said: “The new French creature feature ‘Infested’ (aka ‘Virmin’) is best described as pure nightmare fuel on film,” in Fantastic Fest. revision.

Our own reviewer Trey Hilburn said: “infest it’s maddening and seething with nail-biting terrors from second to second.”

In fact, the film is currently 90% complete Tomato meter based on festival screenings only.

If you’re excited to watch it, you’ll have to wait Thrill to announce where it will land in their programming slate, as it has been announced that the film will receive a future spot on the streaming channel’s original lineup. No firm date has been announced.

infest horrifying, on a multitude of levels. The film is full of horror, suspense and serious bite.” Emily Gotto said, Shudder’s Vice President of Global Acquisitions, in August 2023. “Sébastien is an incredibly talented director and we’re thrilled to bring Shudder audiences his feature debut.”

iHorror will keep you posted as more details about its premiere are revealed. Until then, try not to be blown away by the teaser trailer and let us know what you think.

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