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Production halts for ‘Blade’ reboot at Marvel Studios

The WGA strikes continue, y’all. Hollywood writers do their fair share, and who can blame them? Meanwhile, a lot of projects are nearing completion or on hold. One of the films that fell under the ax is none other than Marvel Studio Blade reboot. Currently, the pre-production of the film has been stopped.

This comes as a real disappointment, earlier this year the project collapsed when Blade he had his would-be director leave the production. True Detective’s Nic Pizzolatto recently joined the production as a writer. Unfortunately, in an act of solidarity, Pizzolatto joined the strike. That put Blade back into a state of limbo.

THR says that once the strike is over, Blade will return to production as planned. However, anything can change.


Mahershala Ali and Mia Goth will star in the reboot. This duo is making us very excited about the film. I mean for one, Ali, because Daywalker is really cool. But, throw in Goth as Lilith, Dracula’s real-life daughter, and we’ve got some great news. Goth is on a winning streak when it comes to its latest movie releases. Suspiria, Infinity Pool, Pearl, Xas well as future ones Maxxine all are huge hits for the genre.

Previously, the greatest villain Blade was played by Steven Dorff as Decon Frost. And now the amazing Goth will play the role of Lilith. We can’t wait to see what Lillith brings to Goth in the role.

Yann Demange is set to direct the film Blade reboot. If all things go as it should, the film is set to hit theaters starting September 6.

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