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‘Quantum Leap’ Trailer Reveals All-New Time Travel

Kevin Smith isn’t done Tusk just yet His 2014 film, followed a real-life ad that was set for a lonely and strange soul who was looking for a roommate with very strange prerequisites. The film saw Justin Long savagely transformed into a walrus via insane body horror. The audience was torn in half on this one. You either hated him or you loved him. It was very strange and for a very niche group of horror people.

The sequel is set to take Wallace, aka Justin Long, out of the zoo to be rehabilitated. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go as planned. Smith has been wanting to tell the story for a while, and with death and a massive heart attack in mind, he really wants to tell the story in the next two years.

“From the beginning, I always said, Well, eventually, they’re going to get them out of that walrus skin and try to reactivate them. And so is Harvey Dent The Dark Knight returns, he will see himself only in one way. Then it becomes Howard Howe, Justin Long becomes the crazy guy who tries to turn people into something else, Chimera stuff, half human and half whatever. Last time it was the walrus, this time… you’ll see.”

Smith went on during his Fatman Beyond podcast to explain “Tusks”, it will be styled as “Tusk$. “I’d be a fool not to do what I call Tusk$,” Smith said. “And yes, just like when Jim Cameron launched alienssin Fangs it has a dollar sign through it, kids. It has everything to do with the plot of the story, but it’s also just me freely communicating my ambition to correct the past. If you live long enough, sometimes you screw up just to be like… I don’t think I was wrong, I think I was early.”

Smith plans to release Tusk$ in 2024 and plans a roadshow-type similar release the one for whom he does it Clerks III.

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