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Rob Zombie reveals Herman Munster and two other characters

A new color image of Rob Zombie’s upcoming reboot Munsterii offers the best image so far Jeff Daniel Phillips like Herman Munster.

Zombie’s Instagram post shows how you can create your own Herman Munster with just a paper bag. As you go through, you come across the final picture of Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster.

“Many of you have commented on Herman’s excellent makeup and you have asked me how I can do this for my next cosplay? Well, here are the real Hollywood secrets! “Now you can be a real Herman business!”

However, the director has shared several updates on social media since then Munsterii was announced, including photos of the 1313 Mockingbird Lane construction.

The other two characters revealed on Zombie’s Instagram were Mr. Goodbury (Roderick Hill) and Mr. Graves (Mark Griffith). These two characters help run the funeral home.

“Well, you can’t expect Mr. Gateman to run the funeral home alone. I’m giving you his partners in the death business … Sir. GOODBURY played by Roderick Hill and MR. SERIOUS performed by Mark Griffith. ”

Munsterii is scheduled to be released this fall. You can check them all Munsteriithe image also reveals production news here!

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