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“Scream: The Game” is a new board game from Funko

Troma brings back Toxie and the gang for the second round of Toxic Crusaders chaos. This time, the mutant team is in a multiplayer beat ’em-up game from Retrowave. Toxic Crusaders the game is based on a very unexpected cartoon from the 90s of the same name, based on the very violent, sexual and exaggerated movie of Troma. The Toxic Avenger.

The Toxic Avenger is still a very popular movie franchise from Troma. In fact, there’s a Toxic Avenger reboot in the works right now, starring Peter Dinklage, Jacob Tremblay, Taylour Paige, Kevin Bacon, Julia Davis, and Elijah Wood. We’re excited to see what Macon Blair has in store for us with this big budget version of the franchise.

Toxic Crusaders It also received a video game release date for Nintendo and Sega in 1992. The games also followed the narrative of the Troma cartoons.

Synopsis for Toxic Crusaders it goes like this:

The hottest heroes of 1991 return for radical, radioactive fun for a new era, with awesome action, smashing combos and more toxic waste than you’ll know what to do with! Developer and publisher Retroware has teamed up with Troma Entertainment to bring back Toxic Crusaders for an all-new, action-packed game for one to four players. Grab your mop, tutu and attitude and get ready to clean up the mean streets of Tromaville one radioactive one at a time.

Toxic Crusaders coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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