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“Scream” vibes prevail in “Sick” from the story written by Kevin Willamson

Justin Long’s new movie Barbaric is created quite noisy, but it’s not the first time he’s participated in the horror movie rodeo. Long was originally supposed to replace patience on the children’s show Blue’s clues in 2002. That’s how unthreatening the actor’s face is. Over the years, Long has used this to his advantage in horror films. He’s so innocent looking that putting him in dire situations makes perfect sense because he seems so boyish and likable.

We’ve rounded up some of the 44-year-old’s best horror movie performances, just in case you want to explore some of his earlier work beforehand. Barbaric.

Jeepers Creepers and Jeepers Creepers 2 (2001 and 2003)

Whatever you think of this murky franchise at first, Jeepers Creepers it was a great success. The horror industry was yearning for a new movie monster and The Creeper answered tenfold. Long plays handsome Darry who crosses the country in a classic car with his sister. They meet a strange van on the highway and just when you think this is going to be another one Hitcher long tracking film, makes a terrible left turn.

drag me to hell (2009)

Sam Raimi He must have noticed and liked Long’s performance in previous films, as he cast him as Clay Dalton, a frustrated young man whose girlfriend is being stalked by a vengeful witch. In true Raimi style, Drag Me to Hell is full of over-the-top visuals and terrifying special effects. Once again, the healthy Long is thrust into this world, making him the perfect contrast to a supernatural power.

Tusk (2014)

Another prolific director, Kevin Smith, cast Long in his eccentric horror film Tusk. This strange change for Smith is both comical and disturbing. Long plays an opinionated podcaster who travels to Canada to conduct an interview. What he doesn’t know is that the person he’s interviewing has a plan to turn him into a walrus using human skin. No joke.

The ghost team (2016)

While not a total disaster, The ghost team it’s a friendly distraction. As the title suggests, this comedy/thriller follows a team of friends who want to investigate a farm that is supposedly haunted. What they find is more than they bargained for. Long pieces a guardian who joins the team and may or may not survive the night.

House of Darkness (2016)

As cuties go, this one is sinister. Long is a man who just wants to hook up with a beautiful woman. Just as things seem to be going in his favor, his date begins to act strangely. This is a reimagining based on a Bram Stoker Romanian. Although they don’t say which ones in the trailer, you can probably guess without looking on IMDb.

Barbaric (2022)

Here’s one that has everyone talking this year. Many have suggested staying away from the trailer just to give you an extra layer of blindness. Some critics have said that the film is not what you expect, but it is even better than you would hope. Zac Efron he was supposed to play Long originally, but thank goodness he turned it down because this is already a classic.

Whether you consider Justin Long a top celebrity or an indie prince, his film lineup is very impressive. As we start to see him revisit his horror origins in current films, let’s hope he keeps it up and gives us even more thrills. His latest film dear david is in post-production and tells the true story of a journalist haunted by a bean-headed child in his small apartment.

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