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She killed them and then fed them to her beloved pigs

Susan Monica he is currently serving two life sentences. Her crimes they are so grotesque and twisted that he has become a notorious individual among true crime enthusiasts. Although technically a serial killer is a criminal who kills three or more people, who knows what Monica would have done if she hadn’t been caught? Or if there are others she didn’t admit to.

Susan Monica in Court (NBC)

The killer started out as a heroic war veteran. After fighting in the Vietnam War, Monica became an engineer. That vocation would not last and in 1991 he decided to buy a 20 acre farm in Wimer, Oregon. The farm was isolated and its nearest neighbor was miles away. The bucolic lifestyle seemed to suit her antisocial disposition. Her new friends were chickens and pigs.

Stephen Delecino Victim #1

However, it appeared that she needed help with her court affairs and then her first victim, aged 59. Stefan Delecino, come into play. Monica found him and hired him as a handyman. Then one day he suddenly disappeared. More on him later.

Robert Haney Victim #2

Robert Haney He was apparently estranged from his family, which seemed to fit perfectly with what Monica had in store for him. Haney was hired by the killer after finding him on Craigslist. He was a divorcee and loved the secluded location. As a welfare recipient, Haney used food stamps or an EBT card to make purchases.

According to Haney’s son, his father and Monica had a professional arrangement in which she paid him cash in exchange for handiwork and architectural assignments. Apparently this was a big deal, especially since Haney he liked to have money and living off the grid; he had no phone or electronic devices.

Robert Haney

However, Haney’s family was not as distant from him as first thought. In 2014, after not hearing from him for a long time, they decided to visit the farm to make sure he was okay. Monica told the brothers that their father left four months ago. She also asked to clean her trailer. Inside they found his jacket and the tools that made them suspicious enough to call the police.

Monica spoke to the police but kept her lie. She said Haney left the property to seek revenge against a recently assaulted family member. His children confirmed that the attack took place but did not see their father.

The police left, but they still weren’t convinced that Monica was telling the truth. It wasn’t until they discovered that Haney’s social debit card it was still being used at a local walmart which they investigated further. Surveillance footage showed Monica herself using the card, so the police returned to the farm to investigate based on fraud. Instead, what they found was a gruesome crime scene.

Susan Monica (Oxygen)

An investigator came across a severed leg in a pond. They later said that the limb was not that of an animal, but of a man. Monica was brought in for questioning and admitted to the crime, but said it was out of empathy.

She claimed to have found Haney broken and in the process of being eaten by pigs. Taking pity on her, she shot him, and then, once the pigs had had enough, put the remaining body parts into garbage bags that she stored in the barn. She added that the wild animals must have got into the bags and dragged her leg into the pond.

Monica says she didn’t tell the authorities what really happened because she feared her pigs would be euthanized.

The police confirmed that some of them Haney’s remains they were still in garbage bags in the barn. That discovery initiated a crime scene investigation and the entire farm was cordoned off. Their search led to the discovery of another body, that of the aforementioned missing person, Stephen Delecino.

Monica verified that it was Delecino’s body, but she said his death resulted from self-defense. She claims she caught him stealing two of her rifles and the confrontation turned deadly.

Former Jackson County Sheriff’s Detective Eric Henderson told the producers of the true crime reality series Snapped that Monica fed Delecino’s remains to her pigs in 2012 and then buried what was left. When pressed about whether there were more victims, Henderson says he got a chilling response: “He told me if he told me about the other 17, he would spend the rest of his life in prison.”

That may still be the case, as in 2015 the 74-year-old was convicted on all counts and sentenced to a minimum of 50 years in prison. He is still 43 years old. Perhaps comfortable in her new surroundings, Monica told cellmate Jordan Ferris about what really happened to Haney:

‚ÄúSusan told me that she and Robert had a fight because he was drunk and trying to get at her. She shot him and then pushed him into the pigs.”

Pigs can and will eat human flesh

Just in case you were wondering, yes, pigs will eat human flesh. Animals are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and animals. In fact, if you’ve ever talked to a pig farmer, pigs will eat almost anything.

There have been a number of reported cases of pigs feasting on humans. In 2012, only Harry Vance Garner’s dentures and pieces of his body were found in a pigsty. His pigs weighed over 700 kilograms. The medical examiners were unable to determine how exactly Garner died due to the condition of his remains.

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