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Starbucks is preparing its Glow in the Dark Slime “Ghostbusters” cup for Halloween

This Halloween something weird is coming to your neighborhood Starbucks! Ghostbusters they’re visiting Starbucks across the country to drop loads of ghostly ectoplasmic slime. A very cool looking green slime cup is coming this Halloween season and we will have a chance to purchase them soon!

The news came from an Instagram account of @the_tumbler_girl. She shared an early image of what we can expect to see. In the photo, we can see 3D slime around the edge. The cup is also this neon green color with really cool comics. We love the design on this one. The Instagram video also reveals that it does indeed glow in the dark.

These are said to start arriving in Starbucks as early as July and will pay you back $29.99. This Tumbler is really, really cool. However, it is not an official license Ghostbusters of collection. But, there’s no denying how much it seems to be something based in the official world of Ghostbusters. Especially in The real Ghostbusters animated series.

Will you be adding this ectoplasmic green slime cup to your collection? Let us know in the comments section. Personally, we’re crazy about Starbucks cups, and one that will all look alike, doubles our excitement.

The best thing to do if you’re looking for one is to pay attention to your local Starbucks starting in July. After that, we’re sure to see them start rolling out by September and October.

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