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‘Stopmotion’ releases trailer and terrorizes people with nightmare dolls

A strange organization known as “The Octopus” receives Netflix true crime treatment. The streaming service ordered the named documentary American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders which explores this alleged real crime conglomerate.

Brothers Jay (left) and Mark Duplass have been making movies together since they were kids.

Even more interesting is that Duplass Brothers Productions and Stardust frames will finance the project. The Duplass Brothers consist of Mark and Jay and have produced films such as bad milo (2013), Tangerine (2015) and, of course, the cult horror favorite creep (2015). Creep 2 (2017) was produced by Netflix and Blumhouse.

Danny Casolaro
Journalist Danny Casolaro

Conformable deadline, American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders begins with the discovery of a dead journalist, Danny Casolaro (pictured above), from an apparent suicide. But his family is not convinced. They believe it was the result of Casolaro’s investigation into a secret criminal organization known as “The Octopus”. He believed they were behind multiple murders, the theft of high-tech spyware and political scandals.

Enter researcher Christian Hansen who is determined to get to the bottom of Casolaro’s death and expose “The Octopus” and his stretching arms.

“Six years ago we got to work side by side with the brilliant Way Brothers from Wild, Wild Country,” said Mark Duplass. “When we learned about The Octopus Conspiracy and Zach and Christian’s unique perspective and unparalleled dedication to this story, we knew this was the project that would bring us back together.”

Maclain Way by Stardust Frames adds, “When Zach and Christian first told us about The Octopus Conspiracy – a story they’ve been investigating for years – we were enthralled with tales of stolen spyware, government cover-ups and parallels with a journalist who died under suspicious circumstances. this story. With our partners Netflix and Duplass Brothers Productions, we can’t wait for audiences to immerse themselves in the mysterious world of the Octopus.”

This will be a four-part series scheduled to air February 28.

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