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Studios In Bidding War Over Vampire Film from Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler

Netflix has raised the bar with its latest Sundance acquisition, the thriller “It’s what’s inside”. The streaming giant paid a whopping $17 million for the worldwide rights, setting a high standard for this year’s festival buys. This offering follows another significant acquisition at Sundance, where Jesse Eisenberg’s directorial debut “A real pain” it was sold to Searchlight for $10 million.

Directed and written by Greg Jardin, “It’s what’s inside” quickly became one of the hottest titles at Sundance. The story of the film is intriguing and shrouded in mystery: a pre-wedding party descends into chaos and an existential nightmare following the arrival of an estranged friend with a mysterious suitcase.

The film has an impressive cast, including Brittany O’Grady, James Morosini, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Devon Terrell, Gavin Leatherwood, Reina Hardesty, Nina Bloomgarden and David Thompson. “It’s what’s inside” is a collaborative effort produced by Such Content, Edith Productions and Boldly Go. The team behind the film consists of producers William Rosenfeld, Kate Andrews, Jason Baum and Raul Domingo, with Colman Domingo and Robert Kapp serving as executive producers.

The film premiered in the Midnight section at The Ray Theater on January 19 and has since attracted attention for its unique approach and entertaining qualities. Critical BD’s Meagan Navarro, who described the film as a twisted sci-fi comedy-horror funhouse, praised the film for its irreverent tone and Jardin’s impactful visual style, derived from his background in music videos. Despite some narrative complexities, Navarro highlights the film’s ability to captivate and entertain, labeling it a twisted puzzle box that demands attention. The performance of the ensemble in portraying intentionally insufferable characters adds a layer of humor and fun to the film, making it an enjoyable experience.

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