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The 8-second “Smile” teaser is weird enough to be interesting

If you went to see Top Gun Maverickor Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future This weekend, it may have been treaties to the teaser trailer for the horror movie Smile. The movie was once titled There’s something wrong with Rose it’s actually a feature film version of writer / director Parker Finn SXSW award-winning short film Laura did not sleep.

Smile Starring Sosie Bacon, who is in fact just a degree of separation from her father Kevin and her mother Kyra Sedgwick. The 30-year-old actress has appeared in several high-profile projects over the years, including 13 reasons why, The TV series screams and HBO Easttown mare.

Details about Smiles are very rare at this time. Rose (Bacon) plays a psychiatrist who begins to fall apart mentally after witnessing a traumatic event with one of her patients. She’s beginning to think she’s being chased by a supernatural force, and maybe she wants to kill her.

For now, curious fans will have to enjoy the eight-second teaser until the full trailer comes out. Smile is scheduled to be released in theaters in September. The movie has an R rating for “Highly violent content and scary images. ” Let’s hope so.

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