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The American remake of “Goodnight Mommy” crackles with just as much terror

History repeats itself, y’all. In a very strange move by Universal Pictures, the studio decided to pull out Halloween is over on Peacock on the exact same day as the theatrical release. wait…right??

This made more sense when Halloween Kills it came out since we were still so close to the pandemic and its fall. The studios weren’t sure where to put things. But with so many people back in theaters, is this really necessary? When things are released online like this, they can end up on torrent sites where they can be downloaded for free in some cases. Not much was said about it though Halloween Kills it’s been torrenting and every one of those downloads and shares are tickets to lose. But, I’m sure Universal has their reasons.

In the short Tweet below Jamie Lee Curtis herself talks about the decision to adjust the release date for both cinema and streaming on the same day.

Summary for Halloween is over it goes like this:

Four years after her last encounter with masked killer Michael Myers, Laurie Strode lives with her niece and tries to finish her memoir. Myers hasn’t been seen since, and Laurie finally decides to let go of her anger and fear and embrace life. However, when a young man is accused of murdering a boy he was babysitting, a cascade of violence and terror is ignited that forces Laurie to face the evil he cannot control.

Halloween is over arrives in theaters AND on Peacock starting October 14th.

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