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  • “The Backrooms”: An upcoming A24 horror film based on the popular Creepypasta

“The Backrooms”: An upcoming A24 horror film based on the popular Creepypasta

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Sundance has given the world some pretty good and disturbing horror films in the past. Movies like spectator, Talk to me, and Do not speak evil. At this year’s event, there was one who looks set to join the named ranks In a violent nature.

Let’s start with the synopsis taken from IMDb, “The horror film follows a ravenous zombie creature as it makes its way through a secluded forest.” Sound familiar? Some critics think so.

The collider made a headline for their movie review that said Jason Voorhees should “eat his heart out”.

They add: “The festival’s most explosive horror film takes familiar slasher elements, rips them apart and makes a macabre work of bloody art in the wreckage.”

The film borrows heavily from Sean S. Cunningham’s original Friday the 13theven going so far as to incorporate arguments from some of its sequels, including Part 6, when the hockey-masked killer Jason Voorhees is resurrected from the grave by lightning to continue his destruction of immoral nubile teenagers. In a violent nature It also has its own lone killer named Johnny, played by a Toronto actor Ry Barrett.

It is In a violent nature a tribute to Friday the 13th, or a loving fraud? According to Collider Chase Hutchinsonperhaps a bit of both, as the film incorporates many of the tropes that were used in 80s slasher films such as My bloody Valentine, Halloweenand The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

But that doesn’t matter because every fan of a good slasher movie, no matter how derivative, ranks them higher if the kills are good. Hutchinson suggests you won’t have to worry about that part of the story.

“The kills in this movie are some of the most insane, gory, and brutal you’ll ever see,” he writes. “It’s the kind of movie where you’ll say, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen a decapitated head do that before,’ with both awe and horror.”

All the gore might seem over the top, just like Adam Green’s Axe there were movies. But Hutchinson says director Chris Nash’s technique is a plus.

“Nash knows when to be bombastic and when to balance with a lighter touch, making sure every cut goes deeper. It’s darkly funny at times, though no less terrifying for that.”

No word on when In a violent nature will be released, but it is a Thrill exclusive, so expect to see it on that service soon.

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