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The Believer’s Test had negative reactions

Horror movies are not only fun to make, but also cheap to make. So if you can catch lightning in a bottle and turn millions into even More millions, why not make more of them?

This could be the case for Alex Lebovici Hammerstone Studios who brought us Barbaric last year. The cult hit was a strong $45 million after it was done with its run.

Now, enter the indie king, Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead), directors Adam Schindler and Brian Netto and producer of Barbarian, Alex Lebovic. They hope to strike gold again with the film Don’t movescheduled to begin principal photography in Europe in June.

Movie stars Kelsey Asbille (Yellowstone, Fargo, Wind River) and Finn Wittrock (image above in american horror story). In accordance with The Hollywood Reporterthe directors are ecstatic about their group of showrunners.

“We are thrilled to be making this absolute journey of a film with talents like Kelsey and Finn,” said Schindler and Netto. “On top of that, we get to team up with the teams at Raimi, Capstone and Hammerstone – companies that operate at the top of the genre game. We couldn’t be more excited to get down to business.”

Lebovic is happy with the casting and hints that the project will be an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride.

“The Fierce Talents Kelsey and Finn have taken turns starring in some of the most beloved suspense projects on the market today, making the perfect pair to bring this visceral, pulse-pounding story to life,” he says.

Lebovici is also working with Raimi on the title The boy kills the worldwith the main role Bill Skarsgård and Jessica Rothe which has not yet set a release date.

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