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The best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2022

Some say the spooky season actually begins on November 1st. You just have to wait another 364 days. But luckily, this year people have gone and left behind the veil of the last years.

The stars came through this Halloween. from Heidi Klum’s full body prosthetics at Robert Downey Jr.’s tribute to the famous Hawkins residents in Strange thingsHalloween 2022 proved that the red carpet served up some of the best treats this year.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian as Chucky and Tiffany

This power couple channels horror legacies and the overall effect is fantastic. We can’t get enough Tiffany, but Kourtney pays a fitting tribute to the horror icon.

Heidi Klum

Once again, the runway queen isn’t afraid to hide her assets. This worm look may have just won Halloween 2022.

Joe Jonas

Many may not know that the actress who plays Flo in the insurance commercials is actually a seasoned actress named Stephanie Courtney. But that doesn’t matter because Joe Jonas in drag reminds us that it’s a beautiful thing to be progressive.

Halle Bailey

She is the new Ariel from The Little Mermaidbut there is nothing small about her Avatar costume.

Kerry Washington

What’s outrageous about Washington’s costume isn’t that she’s gender-swapped, but that she’s actually ditched the 80s Lionel Ritchie signature mustache and torn collar. We’re “Stuck on You” Miss Washington.

The Robert Downey Jr. Family

What does it say about a man whose family is so big they can completely recreate the cast Strange things for Halloween?

Janelle Monae

The Grammy-winning singer is not out of her element as an operatic diva in the film The fifth element. With a team of SFX experts, the singer deserves a standing ovation for this lift.


The hip-hop artist really committed to the role of Marge for Halloween. With full body paint, a massive blue beehive and pearls, Lizzo is the talk of Springfield. See you for a drink at Moe’s.

*Header image: Vogue: Marcus Hyde

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