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The best new horror movies coming to streaming services this week

You know the drill, it’s a new week, which means a new list of horror movies hitting streaming services. Luckily for you, we here at iHorror have compiled a list of these movies so you don’t have to waste precious time that could be spent watching horror movies. So without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Summoning The Spirit August 8 VOD

The call of the Spirit

The new era cult movies seem to be all the rage these days. It seems like everyone is trying to get away from the grind and get back to our more natural roots. The call of the Spirit takes this trope one step further by adding bigfoot.

This may seem like a bit of a stretch, but I say give it a go. Cults always seem to be in the woods for some reason, and you know what else is in the woods? Big Foot. If you’re looking for a genre mashup this week, go for it The call of the Spirit a try. Streaming via VOD platforms on August 8.

Wolf Hollow August 8 VOD

Wolf Hollow

I can’t begin to describe how much I love it Felisa Rose (Sleepaway camp). The queen of the horror convention has been in countless horror films over the years. And now we get to see her in a Werewolf movie.

Not just any werewolf movie, Wolf Hollow it adds just a hint of small-town charm to its scares. I know I’ll be setting aside some time to watch Felisa get into some Werewolf action. Wolf Hollow will be broadcast on August 8 via VOD platforms.

The thing behind the door August 8 VOD

The thing behind the door

This movie looks like what if Semetar for pets it was set during the First World War from the point of view of a depressed French philosopher. Equal parts Monkey’s paw and The night from zombies come together to bring us this grim business.

The thing behind the door promises to show us the true horrors of war doesn’t stop just because the war is over. This film will be released on August 8 via VOD platforms.

Island Escape August 8 VOD

Island Escape

Ok, this one is a bit off. Island Escape stir up the plot of Resident Evil 4 with a time loop wormhole. I’ll give them at least an A for creativity. Not only that, but it looks like we’re getting zombies with guns.

Island Escape comes to us from the good people over at Dread Central. If you’re looking for something more on the action side, check it out Island Escape. Streaming on VOD August 8.

Communion Girl August 11 Trembling

Communion girl

I discussed Communion girl previously, but we all need reminders about release dates. This movie looks like a pretty standard ghost story. It even comes with its own haunted doll for added effect.

While the trailer makes it look like a regular horror movie, I’m sure people here Thrill you have something wonderful in store for the fans. Communion girl will broadcast exclusively on Thrill on August 11.

Elevator Game August 11 Shudder

The elevator game

Things were simpler when I was a kid. If you wanted to summon a demon, you just took a cabin in the woods and read some Latin from a dusty tome. Kids these days apparently use some sort of Konami Code elevator to summon the dead.

The elevator game is based on a viral Tick urban legend. Looks like we’ll have to welcome in Tick horror sub-genre, just like we did with the Zoom and Skype movies that came before it. The elevator game will be broadcast exclusively on Thrill on August 11.

Spider Web August 11 VOD


This movie is one giant cake made of childhood fears, with some very heavy ones Coraline glaze on top for extra flavor. Spider’s Web made a name for itself as a horror film full of terror and momentum.

This movie is aware that it’s not a completely original idea, but it tries to take those old fears and turn them up to eleven. Spiderweb will be broadcast on VOD platforms on August 11.

Blind waters August 12 Tubes

Blind waters

This movie is a Tubes Original movie, which means at least it will be a fun watch. After the platform was acquired by Fox, Tubes made a name for himself by creating his own original catalog of films.

Blind waters takes shark horror to the next level by blinding one of its protagonists shortly after the shark attack. Adding an extra dimension to the terror of this situation. Blind Waters will be streaming exclusively Tubes on August 12.

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