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  • The creature design of the ‘Scars Above’ trailer looks a lot like John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’

The creature design of the ‘Scars Above’ trailer looks a lot like John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game he’s coming to scare us all soon enough. Gun Interactive takes sound effects very seriously, especially when it comes to the immersive atmosphere of the new game. In the latest video, the guys at Gun Interactive take some real chainsaws out in the field so they can accurately record the revs and drops.

Synopsis for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The game goes like this:

The player assumes the role of the chainsaw-wielding villain from the film, Leatherface, and tries to kill criminals while avoiding obstacles such as fences, wheelchairs, and cow skulls. The player controls the criminal in order to track down and kill victims. Each victim killed gives the player 1,000 points.

Synopsis for Tobe Hooper’s Drums The Texas Chainsaw Massacre the movie went like this:

When Sally (Marilyn Burns) hears that her grandfather’s grave has been vandalized, she and her paraplegic brother, Franklin (Paul A. Partain), set out with friends to investigate. After a detour to their family’s old farm, they discover a group of insane and criminal outcasts living next door. As the group is attacked one by one by Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen), wearing a human skin mask and wielding a chainsaw, the survivors must do whatever they can to escape.

We’re really excited about the care that went into making this game. From the awesome chainsaw footage to the texture building, this game looks like it’s going to be fantastic.

You are excited to play The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game? Let us know in the comments section.

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