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The “Cyst” trailer is full of raw body horror

full Cyst The trailer is a good return to the great horror of the 1980s and the great moments of the atomic age of monsters. It’s booming and tons of big FX and a lot of big acting decisions. All in all, it seems like a lot of stupid fun and camp.


Summary for Cyst it goes like this:

Nurse Patricia works under the guidance of an enthusiastic plastic surgeon who believes she has invented a revolutionary cyst removal machine and, contrary to Patricia’s sound advice, will not stop at anything to patent it so that it can be used for her patients. But when the differences between them turn into a physical altercation, which damages the car, what began as Patricia’s last day of service becomes a struggle for survival, after Dr. “Get Gone’s” invention to remove the cyst inadvertently turns , the tumor of a patient in a monster-cyst that terrorizes. The desk.

Cyst is now available in digital format and on request.

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