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  • The first “Sympathy for the Devil” image reveals a crazy Nic Cage and Joel Kinnaman

The first “Sympathy for the Devil” image reveals a crazy Nic Cage and Joel Kinnaman

The 45 Years of Terror Halloween Convention has officially been announced for Fall 2023!

Our friends at Daily Halloween News announced the planned event in November on their YouTube channel. They noted that the event was listed on the Pasadena Convention Center’s official calendar for late September.

With this anticipation lingering for months, we now finally have confirmation. The official announcement is finally here, something Halloween fans have been waiting for for some time. So far there hasn’t been much talk about what to expect.

However, you can read about the event in the online announcements. Also check us out panel cover on ours YouTube channel channel since the 40th anniversary event in 2018.

Courtesy of Halloween45.com

From the official announcement: Every five years since 2003, fans of the Halloween franchise have traveled far and wide to celebrate one of the cutest, grandest and most enduring horror film franchises of all time.

John Carpenter’s Halloween premiered in theaters and drive-in screens 45 years ago, changing the landscape of horror cinema forever. The film served as the springboard for a film series that would span thirteen entries to date… What better time than now to start building hype for 45 years of terror!?

In addition to the two-day fan convention portion of the event, where attendees can meet their favorite cast members from all 13 Halloween movies on Saturday and Sunday, the 45th anniversary weekend will kick off with the Horror’s Hallowed Grounds tour of various sites- hours of filming from the Friday movies.

Halloween: 45 years of terror will take place between September 29-Oct. 1 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California. Ticket sales have not yet opened at the time of writing, but will eventually be available at Halloween45.com.

Additional information found on Sean Clark’s Instagram account – Malfunsean:

For this special anniversary convention event, Halloween franchise producer Trancas International Films teams up again with Sean Clark (who helped organize the 25th anniversary Halloween conventions in 2003 as well as the 30th (2008 ), 35th (2013) and 40th (2018).

HorrorHound Ltd. returns after helping to put on the hit H40 event in 2018. Horrorhound Ltd. is responsible for Midwest events, HorrorHound Weekend, which aims to deliver what is sure to be the biggest Halloween convention to date.

Celebrity guests (including directors, stars and crew) from all thirteen Halloween movies will be in attendance as H45 takes over the Pasadena Convention Center. We expect the largest selection of vendors that any previous “Terror” convention has offered, including notable Halloween licensees and some of the top artists in the ever-growing gallery scene – there, there will be a series of events that not to be missed. , including the highly anticipated return of the Horror’s Hallowed Grounds film location tour, galleries, exciting social media photo displays, shared Q&As, lots of exclusive H45 and Halloween merchandise and professional photo opportunities.

Stay tuned for more information!

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