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The five best horror movies to darken your Memorial Day

Tubes has earned a reputation as one of the best streaming platforms for horror fans. Whether you’re looking for sleeper indie flicks or blockbuster hits, Tubes can help you fulfill your desires.

Unlike some of its competitors, ads on Tubes are minimal and non-disruptive. The only downside to the platform is that the selection is so large that it can be hard to find all the movies it has to offer.

Lucky for you, we’ve delved into the murky depths of the subcategories and pulled out an assortment of overlooked films for you to enjoy.

The Poughkeepsie Strips

The Poughkeepsie Strips Movie poster

Fake horror films are a subgenre within a subgenre. Part found footage part fake documentary; these films can create a sense of reality that is difficult to convey in other sub-genres.

This is what it does The Poughkeepsie Strips so annoying The terror inflicted on the characters feels very raw and intimate. The found footage production doesn’t require you to suspend disbelief, if anything the events seem all too real.

John Eric Dowdle (As above, so below) wrote and directed this film, which stalled a decade earlier Shout Factory to released in 2017. If you want to watch something that will make you shower with a Brillo pad, watch The Poughkeepsie Strips.


Clown Movie poster

Does anyone remember the clown sightings from 2016? This movie has nothing to do with that. I just wanted to remind you that clowns coming out of the woods at night and scaring people is a thing that actually it happened.

No, this movie somehow manages to be far more terrifying than those real-world events. This deceptively simple film tells us something we’ve always known. Clowns are actually demons sent from hell to eat children.

If that doesn’t grab your attention, let me tell you it’s awesome Peter Stormare (Constantine) makes an appearance as a clown demon slayer? If you want something completely original, check it out Clown.

The house that Jack built

The house that Jack built Movie poster

Lars von Trier (Antichrist) is a controversial director, to say the least. When Cannes Film Festival shielded The house that Jack built in 2018, it garnered both condemnation and praise.

The film caused some critics and viewers to walk out of the screening, while also receiving a standing ovation after its completion. Hopefully this illustrates just how divisive this film can be.

The question posed by Lars Von Trier is simple, can we separate the art from the artist? Amazing performances by him Matt Dillon (crash), Umma Thurman (Kill Bill), and Bruno Ganz (fall) draws viewers into this experimental film. If you want a movie that leaves you unsure whether or not you enjoyed watching it, thank The house that Jack built.

Hell House LLC

Hell House LLC Movie poster

This found footage film explores one of my favorite themes, people messing with known haunted locations and ending up dead. If this premise excites you, then rejoice because Tubes has all three movies in Hell House LLC franchise.

What started out as an overlooked indie film slowly rose through the ranks to become a cult classic. You have fans Hell House LLC were delighted to learn that a prequel to the franchise was recently announced.

If you’re a fan of unscripted horror, Gore Abrams (Hell House III: Lake of Fire) actually pours his guts into the film’s strobe light scene. While it’s not the most terrifying film on this list, the sense of paranoia it creates has a way of getting under your skin and refusing to go away.

Ghost Watch

Ghost Watch Movie poster

Tubes has some hard to find movies, but this one takes the cake. When Ghost Watch First it hit the screens, the makers presented it as a real one BBC broadcast, not as a movie. The bait and switch Ghost Watch it was so effective that British Medical Journal cites it as the first movie to give children PTSD.

In a brilliant power move, the actors were the same news reporters the audience expected to see when they broke the news that night. This little ruse resulted in confused and scared viewers making about a million calls to BBC.

Unfortunately, this confusion led to lawsuits being filed against the BBC for the psychological damage caused that evening. However, if you want to watch a masterclass that subverts expectations, go watch it Ghost Watch.

Victor Crowley

Victor Crowley Movie poster

Craving a campy slasher with free blood and gore? If so, then Victor Crowley and Axe franchise are made for fans like you. It may be an overused term, but Victor Crowley it’s a damn good time.

Beloved horror fan and creator of all things scary Adam Green (Frozen) brings us this delightful film. Joining the cast as a disfigured villain is awesome Kane Hodder (Jason X).

If you want a real treat, find the episode of Adam Green’s Scary Pajamas who has Kane Hodder in her. Trust me, it may be one of the greatest things ever recorded. If all of this sounds wonderful to you, Tubes also has all three Axe movies from his collection.


Brightburn Movie poster

I’m not sure why people overlook this movie. Brightburn ask the audience a simple question. If you gave a child god-like powers, would they use them for good or evil? The answer is not surprising, but the execution is wonderful.

There is no hiding the fact that this film is simple superman in an alternate universe. In fact, the main character gets the classic name of the repeating letter, Brandon Breyer. Making it even more obvious that the childhood home is set right in Kansas. You can’t get much more on the nose than that.

All of this makes a bit more sense when you consider this James Gunn (Gurdians of the Galaxy) doesn’t really care for superhero movies. If you’re looking for a twist on an old concept, spend some time with Brightburn.


feast Movie poster

Speaking of playing with familiar tropes, feast takes its time to develop the horror formula. This movie has it all; a villainous hero, title cards and as much as you can handle in the early 2000s.

The development of this film was made possible by Ben Affleck (Gone Girl) and Matt Damon’s (The dead) Project Greenlight. The plot of this movie boils down to a simple premise: monsters attack a group of people trapped in a bar.

No complicated plot devices, no hidden meanings to decipher, just good old fashioned monster battle royale. If you’re looking for a movie to turn your mind off and enjoy, check it out feast.

Patient Seven

Patient Seven Movie poster

I’ll be honest with you; I love anthology movies. In fact, I will watch them regardless of the subject material or how low the budget, much to the dismay of loved ones. When done right, these films showcase the best that horror has to offer.

Patient Seven it shows us how amazing an anthology can be when all the pieces come together. We can witness the drug forever Michael Ironside (SCANNERS) as the antagonist Dr. Marcus. We also get great performance from Grace Van Dien (Strange things), Amy Smart (mirrors), and Doug Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth).

Tubes has a large catalog of anthology movies that you can sort through, but Patient Seven it is one of the best on the site. So if you like your horror in bite-sized chunks, go for it Patient Seven a try.

Fear Inc.

Fear Inc. Movie poster

Horror fans have a bad rap for our insatiable appetite for all things terrifying. Some people say we must all be dangerous deviants, just looking for our next thrill. In reality, we are just as scared as the next person when faced with real horror.

Fear Inc it gives us something that any horror fan can relate to, not being able to be scared anymore. But what if there was a service you could pay for that was guaranteed to scare the hell out of you? How badly do you want to feel that sense of dread again, even if just once?

I love a movie that pays tribute to those who paved the way. Fear Inc is full of references and nods to horror icons. So if you want a movie that feels like it was actually made for horror fans, check it out Fear Inc. And if you’re looking for a free streaming service that can satisfy your horror needs, check out the catalog on Tubes.

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