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The ghost likes to put his “tiff” in the haunted house in Texas

A North Texas woman says her house is haunted. But these spirits give new meaning to things that go bump in the night.

Linda Hill says she’s done renting her house because the tenants are leaving shortly after moving in, saying the house is haunted. Excited ghosts.

At first, the owner didn’t believe it. But that changed after she experienced the phenomenon for herself. One night in the shower, Hills says her husband walked into the bathroom and said, “I look good!” through the misty shower curtain.

Only he wasn’t her husband.

Hills says the dark figure she saw, who she thought was her husband, wasn’t, because he walked in afterward and asked who she was talking to. He hadn’t been anywhere near the bathroom.

Hill became a believer after that and describes the spirits that meander through the house as “sexual.” The house was not always the cozy abode it seems today. Rumor has it that it was once a thriving brothel which might explain their mundane behavior.

Ghost investigators who stayed in the house claim to have caught the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) in which dazed ghosts are heard saying phrases such as: “Oh, baby, oh, baby, yes” and “Yes, I like it that way.”

To add to the weirdness, the house also has a 19-foot drop below the living room floor, which has led some to believe it’s a portal to another realm.

Since Hill has had no luck with long-term tenants, she’s opened the house to ghost investigators who want to witness the parahorny activity firsthand.

Recently, Joy Behar of The view admitted to having sex with an invisible partner. The group of ladies, including Sara Haines, had just watched a news story about sex ghosts, and as usual the women wanted to talk about it.

“If you have sex with a ghost, can you get pregnant?” Sara Haines asked.

“I’ve had sex with a few ghosts and I’ve never gotten pregnant,” Behar revealed.

To which Whoopie Goldberg replied, “I’ll let it ride. I don’t know how many of you just heard what Joy just said, but I’ll let her ride.”

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