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  • The intense story of Hulu’s true crime, “Candy” was originally co-authored by Joe Bob Briggs

The intense story of Hulu’s true crime, “Candy” was originally co-authored by Joe Bob Briggs

The recent story of Hulu’s true Texas murder, Candy it’s a story about criminal intrigue. The special mini-series is in its third episode and has shown immense depth in Jessica Biel, who plays the role of the disheveled and manipulative. Candy. Texas Monthly articles originally told the story of the macabre and strange events that made up the case. These articles were written by both Jim Atkinson and John Bloom. John Bloom who became none other than Joe Bob Briggs. Or, Joe Bob who was John Bloom hard to say nowadays.

The two Texas Monthly articles entitled “Love and Death in Silicon Prairie, Part I: Candy Montgomery’s Affair” and “Love and Death in Silicon Prairie, Part II: Killing of Betty Gore” about events. Of course, the articles go under the guise of crime, but they also brilliantly explain the events and characters that were involved in everything that led to the murder.


Both articles are fantastic and ended up in the book entitled Proof of Love by the two authors. It was great to follow the narrative structure of the series and how it was compared to Bloom and Atkinson’s articles. It was even more interesting to see the actors who were cast in each of these huge colorful roles.

I highly recommend reading both articles. It’s always great to come back and see Bloom’s early works, as well as the oldest works of Joe Bob Briggs himself. Besides, what better time to dive in now? I mean, we’re just in episode two of The Last Drive In on Shudder right now. So why not fill in the rest of the time by reading John Bloom’s early works? Good weather everywhere.

You can check out those Texas Monthly articles by going over them HERE and if you want to pick up the book, Evidence of Love, you can pick it up HERE.

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