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‘The Jack in the Box Rises’ Trailer Revealed: Indie Horror Sequel Set for April Release

Before dismissing Kill like a trick, we can tell you, it is. But it’s a damn good one.

Four drag queens are mistakenly booked into a stereotypical desert biker bar, where they must battle bigots…and vampires. You read it right. Think, Too Wong Foo TO Titty Twister. Even if you don’t get those referrals, you’ll still have fun.

Before you sashay away from that Tubes offer, here’s why you shouldn’t. It’s surprisingly funny and manages to have a few scary moments along the way. It’s a midnight movie essentially, and if those reservations were still a thing, Kill would probably have a successful run.

The premise is simple, again, four drag queens played by Trinity the Tuck, Heidi N’s wardrobe, Crystal Methydand Cara Mell they wake up at a biker bar unaware that an alpha vampire is on the loose in the woods and has already bitten one of the townspeople. The Transformed Man makes his way to the old roadside saloon and begins turning the patrons into undead right in the middle of the drag show. The queens, along with the local flies, barricade themselves inside the bar and must defend themselves against the growing hoard outside.


The contrast between the bikers’ denim and leather, and the queens’ ball gowns and Swarovski crystals, is a sight gag I can appreciate. During the entire ordeal, none of the queens take off their costumes or give up their drag personalities, except at the beginning. You forget they have other lives outside of their suits.

All four leading ladies spent their free time Ru Paul’s Drag RaceBut Kill is much more polished than a Drag Race acting challenge, and the leads raise the camp when called upon and tone it down when necessary. It’s a well-balanced scale of comedy and horror.

Trinity the Tuck it is primed with a single lining and double meanings, which find them out of the mouth in merry succession. It’s not a creepy script, so every joke lands naturally, with the requisite professional pacing and timing.

There’s a questionable joke made by a biker about who’s from Transylvania and isn’t the highest brow, but he’s not in the mood for a punch either.

This may be the guiltiest pleasure of the year! It’s hilarious!


Heidi N’s wardrobe it is surprisingly well distributed. It’s not that it would be surprising to see that she can act, it’s just that most people know her Drag Race which does not allow much range. Comically, it’s on fire. In one scene, she pulls her hair behind her ear with a large wand and then uses it as a weapon. Garlic, you see. It’s surprises like these that make this film so charming.

The weakest actor here is Methyd who plays the fool Bella Yes Boys. Her squeaky performance throws off the pace a bit, but the other ladies pick up the slack, so it just becomes part of the chemistry.

Kill it also has some great special effects. Despite using CGI blood, none of them take you out of your element. Some great work went into this film from everyone involved.

Vampire rules are the same, heart stake, sunlight, etc. But what’s really neat is that when the monsters are killed, they explode in a cloud of glitter dust.

It’s as fun and silly as any Robert Rodriguez movie with probably a quarter of its budget.

Principal Jem Garrard keep everything at a fast pace. It even offers a dramatic twist that is played as earnestly as a soap opera, but packs a punch thanks to Trinity and Dear Melle. Oh, and they manage to insert a hate message during it all. Not a smooth transition, but even lumps in this movie are made of buttercream.

Another twist, handled with much more delicacy, is better thanks to the veteran actor Neil Sandilands. I’m not going to spoil anything, but let’s just say there are a lot of twists and turns, and, ahem, returnswhich all add to the fun.

Robyn Scott who plays the maid Shiela is the standout comedian here. Her lines and gusto provide the most belly laughs. There should be a special award just for her performance.

Kill it’s a delicious recipe with just the right amount of camp, gore, action and originality. It’s the best horror comedy to come out in a while.

It’s no secret that independent films have to do a lot more for less. When they’re this good, it’s a reminder that the big studios could do better.

With movies like that Kill, every penny counts, and just because wages might be lower, doesn’t mean the end product has to be. When talent puts so much effort into a film, they deserve more, even if that recognition comes in the form of a review. Sometimes smaller films like Kill their hearts are too big for an IMAX screen.

And this is the tea.

You can stream Kill on Tubes right now.

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