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The new 13-foot Jack Skellington is released by Home Depot

Given the current state of media production, it may be a good time to investigate some of the best free streaming services. There’s Amazon’s streaming service Freevee come into play.

Freevee it’s similar to the other free streaming options out there, with one big exception, it has the buying power of Amazon behind it. This allows it to retain multiple environments while creating its own environments. As always, we’ve selected some of the best options on the platform to spoil you, so let’s get to it.

The voices

The voices Movie poster

Starting to see Ryan Reynolds (dead pool) in a horror movie is something we don’t see often. Although some say that its role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine it’s terrible enough on its own.

In this movie, Ryan Reynolds he hears voices guiding him on his way, similar to his favorite role as dead pool. The key difference here is that the voices come from his two pets. He also directs them to kill the women in his life.

The voices manages to be both hilarious and tragic. And don’t worry, it’s also gruesome and horrifying in equal measure. If you’ve ever wanted to see a cat vs dog movie where people’s lives are on the line, check out The Voices on Freevee.


Triangle Movie poster

I really like time loop subgen. There’s only so much that can be done with it, assuming it’s done right, that is. Believe me when I say Triangle does this trope very well. Even knowing it involves a time loop doesn’t prepare you for the twists in it.

Triangle it also has an amazing cast. This movie has the main role Melissa George (30 days of night), Joshua McIvor (Triangle), and Jack Taylor (EastEnders). If you’re a fan of Easter eggs, check it out Triangle on Freevee.

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project Movie poster

This one doesn’t need much introduction. This film started the found footage craze that we still live with today. Now, this isn’t the first found footage horror film. That would be the problem Cannibal Holocaust.

What did he do The Blair Witch Project it was the advertising and the way of execution that stood out. The film was marketed as a real event. They even did a documentary movie to explain the curse before the film’s release.

The actors were as much in the dark as the audience. They were simply left in the woods with some directions and supplies. This is why the film feels so authentic because so much of the emotion played by the actors was real. Be sure to check out this classic Freevee.

Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps Movie poster

Who doesn’t love a good coming-of-age story? No other genre can describe puberty like the horror genre. I usually use turning into a monster as a trope, but that’s not that far from what actually happens.

The premise is pretty simple. A wandering werewolf attacks high school students. I’ve seen this done dozens of times in the past. But never with the heart and soul of Ginger Snaps.

What sets this film apart from its competitors is its portrayal of a family unit and how it handles the stress of puberty or werewolf attacks. If you want something sweeter, check it out Ginger Snaps on Freevee.


1408 Movie poster

Each streaming platform has its own collection of Stephen King (THIS ONE) adaptations. Freevee happens to have one of the best in the underrated department. Hopefully we can make it a little more known.

1408 joins a long line of Stephen King doing mundane scary things. He’s done everything from corn to grass and even trucks, but they all don’t compare to 1408.

I won’t spoil too much for you, but you might want to make friends during your next hotel stay. If you want to see the limits what Stephen King can be done with only four walls, see 1408 on Freevee.

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