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The Ultimate Drive-In’s Fifth Season Premiere: Bloody Surprises and Amazing Guests!

Every episode of The Last Drive-In is a mysterious event for fans from AMC+ and Thrill. We never know what movies, what spectacular cosplay Darcy will wear, or if surprise guests actually show up. We can only expect that Joe Bob prepared some bloody eye candy for us to consume.

Joe Bob and Darcy he must have thought that this amount of uncertainty just wasn’t enough this year and turned around The Last Drive-In in the Late drive-in. Scrapping the trailer park ready for a late night talk show production was a decision no one would have seen coming. Worked? He absolutely did! In a way only The Last Drive-In it could come off.

This new formula broke with tradition just enough to leave room for new tricks. I won’t spoil it for you, but let’s say David Dastmalchian ((Late Night with the Devil) eyes get a little big around the boa constrictor.

We can also see the funny ones Bobcat Goldthwait (Willow Creek), always easy on the eyes Peaches Cchrist (All about evil), and even evil Danhausen (AEW). We even get an appearance from the mutilated dick expert herself Felissa Rose (Sleepaway camp). Throw in Fabio Frizzi and The band Frizzi and we have a spectacular viewing experience.

However, all this is just the icing on the cake. The real cake is Joe Bob Briggs doing what he does best. Tearing up horror movies and rebuilding them right before our eyes. Starting the season strong we have two celebrity movies Lucio Fulci.

We gracefully splatter our TV and phone screens with blood and gore Zombies 2 and Beyond. Fulci He may have been a sadist torturing his cast and crew while making these films, but the man knows how to execute an eye shot in excruciating detail.

You could even say he has an eye for detail… Ok, that’s enough visual references for a lifetime. Hope to see you all this Friday at 9pm EDT during the live stream. I’ll be live-tweeting with the rest of the mutant family. As always, be sure to check back here for more updates on The Last Drive-in.

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