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Time travel gets complicated in the new Aporia trailer

It’s time once again to remind you, dear readers, that time travel is generally discouraged in the sci-fi genre. Movies like The butterfly effect and Detention cover this premise quite clearly.

aporii follows in a long line of films that delve into the ripple effect that time travel would have. What separates this movie from the others is that aporii he doesn’t have a time machine. It has a timing gun, which I assume is still some type of machine, but that’s not the point.

aporii Film still

In a twist that would surprise absolutely no one, killing someone with the timing gun has repercussions. Now our characters are forced to decide if using the timer gun is worth the cost.

aporii is written and directed by Jared Moshe (Burden of the Dead). Movie stars Judy Greer (Archer), Edi Gathegi (For all mankind), and Payman Maadi (Bomb A love story).

aporii Movie poster

aporii will be displayed first during Fantasia Film Festival on July 27, the film will be released in theaters two weeks later. As always, be sure to check back here for all your horror news and updates.

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