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Todd McFarlane animated and directed Ozzy Osbourne’s “Patient Number 9”

Ozzy Osbourne is a true force of gnarled nature. Not even two years after his last album that completely melts, Everybody, he returned with his latest album Patient number 9. Last night, Osbourne shared his new single from the new album.

The song also features Jeff Beck, who only magnifies how much he rules. It’s incredible to see Osbourne singing at this level as he does. He is one of the few cases in metal who still manages to create songs that fit his entire body of work – which I mean rock and rarely stopped.

Video for Patient number 9 depicting Osbourne battling demons from his past and present is a bold reminder that the singer is in a terrifying place in his life being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2020. Thanks to the diagnosis and COVID-19, Ozzy postponed the tournament to 2023. was quite vocal about the possibility that his tournament days would end soon.

The new song and its lyrics talk a lot about the possibility of facing mortality and I like that Ozzy, according to his character, does this with two middle fingers outstretched in the air. At the same time, he shows his past by catching up. This is perfectly illustrated when a bat bites its head, preventing it from biting the head of a bat itself.


Like many of Osbourne’s works, this video will appeal to a huge audience. The video is animated and directed by roe Creator Todd McFarlane is full of demons, bats, werewolves, vampire pills and, of course, Ozzy at the center of it all.

Over the head of HERE to place a pre-order of Ozzy’s patient number 9. There are several special editions and vinyl collections that come with Todd McFarlane comics and signatures. Be sure to check them out.

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