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Treehouse of Horror” will focus on a parody of the movie “It” shares images

Now that people are mostly free to roam the country, Halloween came back! Those neighborhood block-wide trick-or-treating events are trying, and people probably wonder who to dress up as and stay relevant at the same time.

Thank goodness 2022 has plenty of horror-related content to choose from. Some are simple and only need a few accessories, while others will take more time (and money) creatively. iHorror has put together a list of ideas for our readers who may be wondering how to best express their Halloween spirit while still being relevant.

1. Black Phone (The Grabber)

Ethan Hawke takes the cake this year (other than Dahmer) for being a creepy child kidnapper in the movie The Black Phone. His serial killer handle is the grabber which he personifies through an evil version of the “Thalia and Melpomene” or “Sock and Buskin” masks. In ancient Greek times, Sock and Buskin represented both comedy and tragedy, and artists adopted them as their inspirational muses.

In the The Black PhoneThe Grabber uses the interchangeable mask to represent his different personalities to separate his “good” side from his bad side, allowing the monster to be blamed for his crimes rather than his true self.

The creepy costume is pretty easily available if you do an internet search, but I found a pretty faded one available on Amazon and Etsy.


2. The pearl

Not one but Two movies featuring this character in 2022, and another one is on the way! Pearl’s tragic story is one for the ages. A young girl with delusions of grandeur gets a reality check about her talents, then freaks out when she’s criticized for pursuing her dreams.

There’s a lot to like Pearl even if she is crazy. Her desire to become something other than a farm caretaker evokes pathos, even though she is a pathological killer.

About halfway through the film, Pearl is dressed in a red dress with her hair tied back with a blue ribbon. So if you have a plain red dress or are willing to dye one, going like Pearl is a cost-effective option. All you need is a fake ax to complete the look.

3. Orphan

Here’s another easy cheap costume that might be fun to explain to people who don’t know the reference.

This year we got an origin story of sorts about Esther, a Russian orphan who may or may not be introducing herself to the public. Orphan: The first kill is the prequel to the 2009 film called, you guessed it, Orphan.

This suit looks a lot like Pearl but with a few differences. You still need a conservative pioneer dress, but add a canvas choker with a wide lace band and bow ribbons around two pigtails and people will know.

4. The Munsters (2022)

The movie may be bad, but the costumes are amazing. This is a great couple (group) idea. The Munsters started as a 60s TV sitcom that became a cult classic and in 2021 director/musician Rob Zombie decided it would be a big theatrical reboot. This is one of those cases where someone’s idea was right and wrong at the same time.

Critically acclaimed, the film, now available on Netflix, was dead on arrival. However, surviving the critical carnage were the sets, lighting and character make-up. So even though the movie didn’t do anything to dress up the script, you can take inspiration from it as a costume idea.


5. Michael Myers (Blumhouse)

A black mechanic’s workwear uniform with a broken collar, a fake knife, and an updated (expensive) version widely available. Michael Myers the mask is all you need. I found a mask HERE.

Halloween ends – 2022

6. No

Although a secondary character of Steven Yeun Ricky “Jupe” Park, in the movie not, is a standout in costume design. His red cowboy-inspired suit with white shirt and bolo tie is one of the most memorable things in the film. And who doesn’t have a wide-brimmed white Stetson just lying around the house?


7. The Sanderson Sisters

Here’s another one that might run you a few bucks, depending on how elaborate you want to get. As in the The Munsters on top Sister Sandersonhis costumes are undeniably detailed. This is more of a project than a finished garment. But if you already have a velvet cape, that’s half the battle. You just have to decide on the wig and makeup.

Hocus Pocus 2

8. Wednesday Addams

With a new one Netflix show on the way from Tim Burton himself, Wednesday Addams would be a preemptive homage, as the show comes out after Halloween on November 23rd. But who doesn’t like to be the boss of the trend?

Get yourself a black dress with a little white pattern, add a spear point collar and braids and you too can become one of the most macabre, antisocial, depressed teenagers in the history of pop culture.

9. Eddie (Stranger Things)

I have not seen Strange things 4 yet? Then you may not know it Hell’s Club member and head-banger extraordinaire Eddie Munson it’s an integral part of the story this season. Costume-wise, all you need to be Eddie is a curly 80s rock wig with bangs, a leather (or denim) jacket and a Hellfire Club t-shirt and jeans. Extra points if you incorporate an electric guitar.

Strange things
Cosplay per day

10. Angela, the old lady from Dashcam

Dashboard room has perhaps the most maligned protagonists in recent history. Annie is an irritating social media vlogger with serial ADHD. But in a bit of empathy, she decides to give an old lady named Angela a ride. That woman turns out to be an unexpected terrifying nuisance.

Angela is dressed in some kind of white satin dress. a red slicker and a medical face mask. Since no one really saw this coming found footage film, you might get a lot of questions, but you can pride yourself on being the only original character at the party. Hey, it’s a conversation starter.

Additional idea:

Scream (2022) Ghostface

This could be it The cheapest option available: Reuse your old mask from 1996!

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