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Watch the incendiary first episode of HBO’s “House of the Dragon” right here for free

Fashion house Gucci and the late director Stanley Kubrick, two pop culture icons, collaborated on a very “refined” pictorial campaign. It’s a collection of photos that feature perfectly superimposed patterns in some of Kubrick’s classic films. Especially The shining.

The inspiration comes from Italian fashion designer Alessandro Michele, who says he has always been fascinated by cinema and the powerful human stories that come from it.

“I have always imagined my collections as films capable of conveying a cinematography of the present: a dozen stories, eclectic and dissonant, that can sacralize the human and his metamorphic capacity,” he added.


The portfolio not only includes The shining. Other movies include 2001: A Space Odyssey and Mechanical orange.

Here we see a model sporting space boots, a green dress and black lace leggings, posing in the corridors of a space station while Dave goes about his business.


Here we take the punks from Mechanical orange drinking milk plus, a kind of drug-infused drink served in the film’s futuristic setting.

But what really piques our interest is this sporty number that sits ironically in front of the famous green bathtub in room 237 at Overlook Hotel from Kubrick’s classic The shining. Although Stephen King was not impressed by Kubrick’s adaptation, some people believe this film to be one of the scariest in history.

Other Kubrick films honored by the fashion house include Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman opposite Eyes wide shutand the period piece Barry Lyndon.

Eyes wide shut
Barry Lyndon

The fashion world sometimes takes its muses from horror movies. In 2019, the designer, Jeremy Scott took his inspiration from horror movies for Moschino’s collection. The menswear and resort show appropriated some classic characters for print editorials.

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