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What is the best thing about being a drama teacher?

Theater teachers are special people. Sharing their passion for theater and the arts with their students is an incredible gift, and the impact of a great theater teacher extends far beyond the classroom.

So I asked the theater teachers: What is the best thing about being a drama teacher?

So. A lot. Fun.

I laugh at work every day. Often several times a day. I appreciate that. (Karl M.)

People don’t blink when you dress weird. (Brittany M.)

It’s fun. We end up being stupid and creating things together. (Brianna F.)

Being able to detach and have fun with children. (Shannon J.)

To play all day. (Adrienne L.)

We allow the children to play again. (Steven S.)

Bulb moments

Teaching them that the game is beneficial, learning how to accept failure and creating a growing mindset. (Danni R.)

Seeing students whose master status is “I can’t” become confident and capable young adults. (Pat S.)

Bulb moments. (Sharon S.)

Seeing the light bulb, the joy and the enthusiasm of my students !! (Caitlin P.)

Looking at people, I find the joy of discovering that they can do much more than they thought, especially children! (Angela V.)

Creativity! The “AHA” moment on how to play a scene or understand why cheating the audience is to their advantage! (Chuck R.)

Watching them “get” and seeing their minds explode with creativity! (Vicky B.)

Become “AHA” moments. (Amina J.)

Watching the children discover their voice! (Christi W.)

Helping students become the best self

Watching children grow, grow and maximize their creative potential. (Bernie D.)

Looking at the students finding a part of themselves that they didn’t know existed and doing something really positive about it! (David B.)

Gathering a bunch of students and showing them how, through teamwork, they can produce a shared experience about something they will remember for the rest of their lives. (John S.)

Witness students come to life through play, moving together in states of creative potential and exploration, revealing the potential for this at any given time. (Diana W.)

Seeing children learn and grow through something they love! (Skee R.)

When a child gets nervous and says “I can’t do this” and finally asks when the auditions are !!! (MMS)

Watching them discover their talents and ultimate potential !! (Greer M.)

Empowering students. (Kate W.)

Building relationships

Seeing his talent grow and develop long-term relationships. There are many more, but this is the beginning. (Kim M.)

As a teacher, a student remembers most of his time after graduation. I even got a few wedding invitations. (Kim R.)

All my students and developing a relationship with them that they have no other teacher. (Cha Y.)

Being the only class of the day in which students can be themselves, they can create joy and make meaningful connections with other people. And I’m not just making assumptions – that’s what my students tell me. If that doesn’t fill my life with meaning and purpose, nothing will. (April M.)

Login! (Ray W.)

The impact and the relationships made! (Paula S.)

It’s all about the students

Seeing children come to life with what they love! (Jill O.)

When I make students see that they are as beautiful and valuable as I see them every day. (Jeff S.)

Students! (Katie B.)

Definitely kids !! (PPB)

Every student and every moment. (Denise H.)

Sharing a love of theater

Teaching the future of world theater who will become theater educators, performers, technical designers, production staff members, art administrators, playwrights, and then, if they choose, parents who will share the power of theater with their children, family members, volunteers. (Gai J.)

Go to the theater, the cinema or turn on the TV and see former students doing their job. (Heidy P.)

Building a community

Looking at someone to find the group in which they thrive! (Nadine J.)

The weird magic family we create together !! (Ali W.)

Love and community, creativity and laughter. (Here is D.)

All collaboration! (Brooke P.)

Growing up together

Grow up with them! (Jackie V.)

Self-discovery for all of us. (Lawrence W.)

To be able to see another side of the students outside the classroom and to be able to express myself in a different way outside the classroom. (Irene I.)

The joy of teaching

Memories. (Ale T.)

Creating something new every day! (Jim M.)

Changing lives! (Deborah F.)

All! (Michael S.)

Doing something new every day! No two days are the same! (DFL)

Joy! So much joy. (Hannah L.)

The adrenaline rush. (Vanny E.)

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