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Elon Musk tells Hideo Kojima that horror games are scarier than any horror movie

Elon Musk has been on the front pages of newspapers lately. If you happen to be using Twitter, you may have heard about it in the last two weeks. Apart from that, however, Musk is also known for generally doing great things that many people tend to hate. But I’m distracted. Master of video games and Metal tools creator Hideo Kojima recently posted on Twitter that he will watch a horror movie before bed, but he quickly changed his mind to read a book. Well, Musk responded and, as usual, had something to say that started a little debate.

Musk responded by saying that video games are scarier than any horror movie. Then he gave some damn good games to support his point.

Kojima Kojima

Dead Space 2, FEAR 2 and Bioshock. Musk replied. As I said, these are some pretty cool points for games that have the ability to make you jump right out of the chair during the game. Especially, Dead Space 2. Only the zero-gravity species in that game are enough to cool you down to the bone.

But the interaction made me wonder. Are video games scarier than movies? Is it a visceral experience to play a more terrifying game than to sit and get lost in the witchcraft of a good horror movie? Are they really the same kind of scares?

So with Elon and Hideo’s comments on Twitter fresh in mind. What do you think is a more terrifying experience? How do you prefer to be scared? Horror video games or horror movies? Obviously, the only rule here is that you can’t say “both.” Because, okay. This is a boring answer.

Tell us what you think and tell us what your favorite horror game or horror movie is.

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