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WWII Werewolf Movie “Operation Blood Hunt” Is “Predator Meets The Dirty Dozen”

The brilliant HBO series, Los Espookys, was one of my favorite current TV shows. The series focused on an ensemble of characters who form an organization of horror lovers who decide to use horror and special effects to achieve things like increase tourism or scare the hell out of people in a haunted house. Heartbreakingly, the season was canceled after two brilliant seasons.

Co-creator Fred Armisen added touches of humor to the series. and the character of Tati played by Ana Fabrega was unique and constantly drawn from an endless basket of absurd comedy beats.

“We are thrilled to be able to deliver the unique and hilarious second season of Los Espookys to viewers finally, more than three years after the series premiered due to pandemic delays,” HBO told Deadline. “Thank you to Julio, Ana and Fred for this imaginative and delightfully bizarre world they have created. We are not currently planning a third season, but would welcome the opportunity to work with this cast and crew in the future.”

Once again, the series was destroyed by COVID-19. Los Espooky’s Season two should have been filmed and live much sooner. Unfortunately, the series arrived too little, too late, with very few commercials.

“The series follows a group of friends who turn their love of horror into a strange business, providing horror to those who need it in a dreamland of Latin America, where the strange and the weird are just a part of life day by day.”

I hope we get a petition soon. I’ll sign it, everyone! You were Los Espookys fans? We’d love to hear your favorite episode/scene.

Los Espookys Seasons one and two are now streaming on HBO Max. If you haven’t watched it, it’s really worth your time!

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